iPad Mini Release Date Is October, Says Analyst


iPad Mini Release Date Is October, Says Analyst

Even though the rumor mill was speculating that the iPad Mini will be launched on September 12th, synchronized with the new iPhone 5, it seems that Apple decided to host two separate events. Reports are indicating that Apple’s 7.85-inch tablet will be unveiled one month after the iPhone 5 debut, in October.

On the other hand, the analysts are saying that the iPhone 5 and the iPad Mini will be launched in two separate events. According to AllThingsD, Apple will launch the new iPhone 5 during an event scheduled for September 12th, while the new 7.85-inch iPad mini will debut in October.

Apple’s decision regarding the separate launch of the two new products is strongly related to their wish of promoting the two new gadgets in different ways, taking the most out of the shopping madness around the Christmas holidays.

The publication affiliated to Wall Street Journal denies the rumors that made the headlines lately, saying that the Cupertino-based company will never want to important products to be launched at the same event.

Rumor has it that the new iPad Mini will sport a 7.85-inch display, allowing the iOS-powered tablet to compete against Amazon’s Kindle Fire and Google’s already-popular Nexus 7.

It is speculated that the new Apple tablet will come with a display based on IPS/FFS technology with 2,048 x 1,536 pixels resolution, manufactured by LG. It won’t be a Retina because Apple tries to keep the production costs as low as possible, in an attempt to go against the cheap Kindle Fire and Google Nexus 7, both priced $199.

Other sources are indicating that the iPad Mini will share iPad 2′s technical specifications, coming with dual-core A5 processor , 512 MB of RAM and HD video recording capabilities.

It was reported that Apple have already posted an order for 6 million iPad Mini units and the devices will hit the stores in the coming months.

The one bringing the news about Apple’s separate launch events for iPhone 5 and iPad Mini is brought by one of the most popular IT&C analysts, John Gruber. “I don’t think Apple would want reviews of both a new iPhone and new-size iPad appearing at the same time,” said Gruber, quoted by AllThingsD.

Since the new iPhone 5 will introduce a new design for the Apple smartphones, the Cupertino-based company doesn’t want to diminish the impact the terminal will have on the market. Therefore, Apple iPad Mini will arrive a month later, exactly one year after the launch of iPhone 4S and eight months after the debut of the New iPad.

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