iPhone 5 To Be Launched In September, iPad Mini Coming In October


iPhone 5 To Be Launched In September, iPad Mini Coming In October

The New iPhone / iPhone 5 and iPad Mini are two of the Apple products that are making the headlines lately. Apple will definitely launch a new iPhone terminal in 2012, but we can’t know for sure whether the iPad Mini rumors are accurate or not, as the Cupertino-based company haven’t announced it official, yet. Still, there’s no smoke without a fire.

Rumor has it that the new iPhone 5 will debut during a press event scheduled for September 12 and that Apple will start receiving the pre-orders on the same day, with shipping starting on September 21st.

On the other hand it seems that iPad Mini will be introduced at a different event, along with the new iPod line-up, planned to officially debut sometime in October. There were some speculations saying that the 7.85-inch iPad Mini will share iPod Touch’s design language. Apple probably decided to launch the new iPad tablet in a separate event in order not to distract customers’ attention from the new iPhone.

Other sources are claiming that the iPad Mini will not debut in 2012, but in the first quarter of 2013. The 7.85-inch iOS-powered tablet is meant to be a rival for the already-popular Nexus 7 and the next-generation Amazon Kindle Fire, two tablets that are luring customers with their prices. The Cupertino-based giant doesn’t wan’t to let the affordable tablet segment uncovered, thus the iPad Mini might be priced between $250 – 300. The iTunes Store also holds over 220,000 apps optimized for the iPad, which are definitely iPad Mini’s ace up the sleeve.

Anyway, the iPhone 5 launch event is less than a month away and we should be able to see what surprises Apple prepared for us for this fall.

Meanwhile Microsoft is planing some Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8 launches for the coming weeks. Each company is trying to unveil new smartphones and tablets ahead of the iPhone 5 launch event, in an attempt to make some of the consumers forget about Apple’s products.

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