Windows Phone 8 Nokia Arrow And Phi Release Date Is September 5th


Windows Phone 8 Nokia Arrow And Phi Release Date Is September 5th

The Finland-based phone maker Nokia and Microsoft are planning to launch two new Windows Phone 8 smartphones during an event scheduled for September 5th. The press invitations for Nokia + Microsoft event were sent a few weeks ago.

According to the sources quoted by The Verge, Nokia will launch two new Windows Phone 8 smartphones, named Arrow and Phi, respectively. Both smartphones will join the Lumia line-up, while the Arrow and Phi code names will disappear once the devices are made available for purchase.

Nokia Phi will be the flagship of the Windows Phone 8 Lumia line-up and it will feature a curved display and a policarbonate body case, just like its predecessors, Nokia Lumia 800 and Nokia Lumia 900. On the other hand, Nokia Arrow will become the mid-range device of the Lumia line-up.

There aren’t any details available for the technical specifications of the the new Nokia smartphones, except that both of them will be running on Windows Phone 8, the new version of the mobile operating system developed by Microsoft.

For Nokia, the launch of the two new smartphones will be a important moment, as it will be crucial in the Finns’ fight against rivals like Samsung or Apple.

Even though the Finland-based company managed to control the Windows Phone segment, with a market share of 59% on this platform, this wasn’t enough to improve Nokia’s financial situation. The main reason is because Microsoft’s platform underpins only 3.5% of the total of smartphones shipped globally, according to the data provided by BGR.

In the same time, Nokia seems to be winning some more time for their comeback on the phone market with their low-cost feature phones, Asha, which are enjoying an honorable success on the emergent markets, as a Bloomberg analysis is indicating.

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