iPhone 5 Hardware Components Get Compared To iPhone 4S And Samsung Galaxy S3 Parts


iPhone 5 Hardware Components Get Compared To iPhone 4S And Samsung Galaxy S3 Parts

Today we’ve got a pretty interesting video to show you, one in which you will be able to see the iPhone 5′s components compared to iPhone 4S’ and Samsung Galaxy S3′s.

The first thing you’ll probably notice is that the iPhone 5 front panel is way smaller than Samsung Galaxy S3′s. The comparison was made by overlapping the to panels.

You can also see for yourself that the front panel of the next-gen iPhone is bigger than the one belonging to its predecessor, the iPhone 4S. The video below also reveals some internal parts of the new iPhone 5, like the new dock connector and other hardware components.

Towards the end of the iPhone 5 vs iPhone 4S vs Samsung Galaxy S3 video you can see some detailed footage of the dock connector together with the audio jack and all the parts that lay on the bottom end of the new Apple smartphone. These are the new 8-pin dock connector that is on everyone’s lips lately and the repositioned audio jack, now in the bottom end of the device, just like iPod Touch’s layout.

There’s also a picture of an alleged iPhone 5 USB cable. The cable is supposed to arrive in the iPhone 5 package and you can easily see the 8 golden pins on both sides of the cable, thus it seems it won’t matter which side goes in the iPhone 5 port.

I can easily say that the iPhone 5 is the smartphone with the most leaked parts, pictures and details. There can be two reasons for that: either Apple has the best marketing team in the world or really big wholes in their security.

Rumor has it that the iPhone 5 will be officially introduced in less than one month, on September 12th.

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