Unity3D Graphic Engine To Arrive On Windows Phone 8 And Windows 8


Unity3D Graphic Engine To Arrive On Windows Phone 8 And Windows 8

You find the Android and iOS graphics awesome? Wait until you see how the games on Windows Phone 8 will look like! The Unity3D graphic engine have just been confirmed for Microsoft’s Windows 8 and Windows Phone.

The announcement was made during an Unite press conference, currently undergoing in Amesterdam, and the news were brought by Edge-Online.com, quoting Unity Technologies CEO David Helgason who said that 53% of the developers are already using the company’s graphic engine.

But what does this means? That the developers will be able to easily port games on Windows Phone 8 even though they were initially developed for Android or iOS. By doing this the gaming potential of the Windows Phone 8 smartphones will be exploited to maximum. Now add the advantages of the Xbox Live integration and judge for yourself what gaming will be like on Microsoft’s mobile platform.

The video below is a sample of how the games developed for the Windows Phone 8 mobile operating system will look like, and you can’t say you aren’t already in love with them.

The Unity Community wanted to have access to the Windows Phone 8 platform a while ago and now their request was fulfilled by the Redmond-based company. The users of the Android and iOS platforms were already able to enjoy some titles that look great and become very popular, thus we are expecting some blockbusters games for the Windows Phone 8 environment, as well.

Probably we might also be able to see some Xbox (be careful, Xbox, not Xbox 360) games get ported to the Windows Phone 8 platform.

Microsoft’s latest mobile operating system is set to debut synchronized with Windows 8, on October 26th. Besides the user interface improvements, like resizable Live Tiles, the new mobile platform is set to bring some major improvements, like support for multi-core processors and microSD card slot, which will be just great for gaming.

Nokia might be the first company to announce their Windows Phone 8 smartphones, of course belonging to the Lumia line-up, but Samsung was also linked to the launch of a couple of high-end smartphones running on Microsoft’s mobile operating system.

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