iPhone 5 9-pin Dock Connector Pictures Hit The Web


iPhone 5 9-pin Dock Connector Pictures Hit The Web

I could say we already know how the new iPhone 5 will look like and what technical specifications it will have, judging by the number leaked parts we’ve seen so far.

After a somehow “calm” week in terms of iPhone 5 rumors, today we get to see a new series of leaked parts, this time the dock connectors belonging to the new Apple smartphone and probably to the next iPad.

Rumor has it that the iPad Mini will share iPhone 5′s dock connector, of course if the 7.85-inch tablet really exists. So far, all the Apple products like the iPod, iPhone and iPad have that 30-pin dock connector, a giant compared to the microUSB ports the rival’s smartphones and tablets are incorporating.

It was initially thought that the new Apple connector will reduce the number of pins from 30 to 18 or 16, but it was recently discovered in iOS 6′s source code a reference talking about 9 pins. Now we are looking at these new pictures, centered on the¬†architecture of the new iPhone 5 dock connector, confirming the 9-pin speculations.

You can easily see in the gallery bellow that the alleged iPhone 5 dock connector has 8 golden pins. Where is the 9th on? I seems that it is made of metal and it’s harder to see.

The rumor mill continues to suggest that the iPad Mini is a real product and the leaked parts are somehow confirming the rumors, but, in my opinion, a 7.85-inch Apple tablet is just a made up device.

Anyway, if Apple really launches an iPad Mini, then it will have to set a really low price for their device, in order to compete against Kindle Fire, Google Nexus 7 and, as reported, against Microsoft’s Surface.

If so, then the iPad Mini would represent Apple’s penetration of the affordable segment, destroying Apple’s image as premium brand. The Cupertino-based officials and fanboys are loving the idea of premium brand, but if the iPad Mini is a sales hit, who would care after all.

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