BlackBerry 10 OS Contacts To Get Influences From Android And Windows Phone


BlackBerry 10 OS Contacts To Get Influences From Android And Windows Phone

BlackBerry 10 OS is RIM’s hope for a better future. The launch of the new operating system will either mark the company’s death or it will push it up making it what it once used to be.

This is the reason why the RIM engineers are putting all their efforts into the development of the new platform and the launch date was recently delayed for the first quarter of 2013. It seems though that RIM wants to “reinvent the wheel,” choosing only to “borrow” from their rivals in some aspects of the OS.

Therefore, Reuters writes that the Canadian phone maker will use an Android-ish unified contact list, but also some elements borrowed from Windows Phone. The BlackBerry 10 OS contacts app will not only display the names, phone number and email, but also the latest Tweets, Facebook status and more.

The business/enterprise infos will also be displayed in the Contacts. The unified contacts list is available on the Android contacts since 2009, starting with version 2.0, which debuted on Motorola Droid.

Over the past few years Google have constantly improved the experience of the contacts list, and it seems that RIM is following their example with their new BlackBerry 10 OS. T.A. McCann is the official that unveiled the Contacts app details, who is in charge of the  development of the contacts and BlackBerry Messenger applications for the new platform.

Regarding the Windows Phone influences in BlackBerry 10 OS Contacts, it will receive a “People Hub,” an extended list of contacts will loads of infos and statuses. For example, when you access a contact in People Hub you can see his/hers latest Facebook post and recent photos.

Well, all these new features will be available in BlackBerry 10 OS. Still, RIM has to be careful not to start any controversies regarding the “new features” and not to end up in the courts like it happened with Apple and Samsung.

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