Lenovo CEO Is Not Afraid Of The Microsoft Surface Menace


Lenovo CEO Is Not Afraid Of The Microsoft Surface Menace

After Microsoft introduced the Surface, some of the Redmond-based company’s traditional OEMs have announced they are cancelling the development of the Windows RT tablets.

Rumor has it that the companies that gave up on the ARM tablets running on Microsoft’s OS are afraid they can’t come up with a price to match Surface’s, reportedly coming at $199.

It seems that Levnovo is not afraid of Microsoft own branded Surface tablet, as Lenovo CEO, Yang Yuanqing doesn’t seem so reticent about activating on the same market as the software giant. The Lenvo head sees Microsoft starting making hardware as “just one more competitor.”

“We are still confident in ourselves. We are providing much better hardware than our competitors including Microsoft,” said Yuanqing, talking about the Microsoft Surface menace, during the press conference where Lenovo’s last quarter financial results were unveiled.

Even though you might say the Lenovo CEO is a bit too cocky, he is equally enthusiastic about the Windows 8 RT opportunity.

Talking about Lenvo’s financial results, you should know that the company’s net profit increased 30% each year, while the PC shipments acknowledged a boom. The China-based company are pretty close to HP’s performance, being only 0.7% percents behind the Palo Alto-based company on the global market.

Considering that Lenovo has its own Windows 8 and Windows RT tablets ready for debut, it’s nice to see a good attitude towards their software partner, being a lot more optimistic than another traditional Microsoft partner, Acer.

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