Google Readying Gift Cards And Wishlist For Play Store


Google Readying Gift Cards And Wishlist For Play Store

Google Play Store have recently received an update, which brought the app to version 3.8.15 and even though you might be tempted to say there are no major changes, the developers have torn apart the software’s code and found the new features.

We are talking about 300 kb of code that hide a Gift Card system and a Wishlist feature for Google Play Store.

The Android users have been dreaming of a Gift Card feature ever since the Android Market was launched. A whole ago Google have implemented a feature that allowed the Nexus 7 customers have a Play Store gift card sheet.

The screenshots you can see in the gallery below were taken from the new Google Play Store 3.8.15 version, installed via a APK file hacked to display the new features, even though, for the moment, the Gift Cards and Wishlist features aren’t active.

Summing up, if it’s one of your friend’s birthday, you can buy one or two games for him/her as a birthday present and give them to him/her as a gift card.

The Wishlist is a popular concept among the online stores, where you can add books, TV shows, movies, songs, magazines and apps in order not to forged you wanted certain content, but you hadn’t had the money or time to buy it.

Seeing how fast Google Play Store is improving, I can’t help but wonder how the service will look like one year now.

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