Toshiba, The Third Microsoft Partner That Gives Up On Windows RT Tablets


Toshiba, The Third Microsoft Partner That Gives Up On Windows RT Tablets

HP was the first company to give up on its plans to develop products based on the first ARM version of the operating system created by Microsoft, Windows RT. HP’s announcement saying that the Palo Alto-based company will not launch any Windows RT products came soon after Microsoft showcased their Surface products.

The next company that announced it is not interested in Windows RT anymore was Acer. The Acer CEO, JT Wang, criticized Microsoft’s decision to penetrate the PC and tablets segment, finding this decision as unfair or the traditional hardware partners of the Redmond-based company.

Yesterday, Toshiba was the third traditional Microsoft partner that announced the cancellation of their Windows RT products. Toshiba announced that the main cause for their withdrawal was the low availability of the needed components, which would result into an impossibility of launching the desired products in a time frame considered optimal for sales.

The Japan-based company haven’t specified the nature of the problems they bumped into, saying that, for the time being, they will focus their efforts on the Windows 8 computers. Toshiba’s officials also said that the Windows RT products are still on the company’s radar, but that it will e launched only after the future analysis of this market.

For the time being, the only OEMs Microsoft can count on on the day Windows RT is launched are Asus, Samsung, Lenovo and Dell.

The rumor mill speculates that Microsoft have set the price of their Microsoft Surface with Windows RT tablet to only $199. Even though this is great news for us, the consumers, the Microsoft OEMs will find it very hard to launch a product capable of competing against the Surface.

Probably inspired by the Amazon Kindle Fire and Google Nexus 7 recipes, Microsoft wants to sell the Surface on no profit, hoping that a large volume of tablets will generate enough revenue from the Windows RT App Store.

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