Will The iPhone 5 Have A Quad Core CPU?


Will The iPhone 5 Have A Quad Core CPU?

Even though there are no rumors to point what chipset Apple will user for their new iPhone 5 smartphone, the guys are GSMArena are rushing in saying that the iOS 6-powered smartphone will sport a quad-core CPU clocked at 1.2 GHz.

Everybody expects to see the A6 SoC inside the iPhone 5, a chipset that was initially linked with iPad 3 tablet, but my opinion is that, for the time being, Apple won’t place a quad-core CPU inside any of their products.

It was rumored that the iPad 3 tablet will have a quad-core tablet, but, after all, the iOS slate kept the dual-core A5 chip, this time coming with a quad-core GPU that underpins Retina’s high resolution.

Because the new iPad doesn’t feature a quad-core chipset the chances for iPhone 5 to sport one are zero, because, over the last couple of years, the iPad’s processor ended up inside the iPhone.

My guess is that iPhone 5 will come with the same A5X SoC that debuted on the new iPad tablet, a processor clocked at 8 MHz or maybe 1 GHz (the first frequency is more likely), but with a quad-core graphic chip capable of running even the most complex games in App Store.

The processor of the new iPhone will be probably manufactured using a 32 nm process, or maybe even 28 nm, allowing Apple to improve the performance of the CPU and increase the battery life of the device.

Summing up, I’d recommend you to expect the iPhone 5 with an improved A5X chipset, coming along with the performance and battery life similar to the iPhone 4S. Apple just doesn’t seem any reason in improving the technical specifications of the their smartphone as of now.

No iPhone needs a quad-core processor now and Apple knows it, therefore the Cupertino-based company won’t waste their time with a quad-core CPU.

On the other hand, the iPad 3 tablet would do much better with the power with a quad-core CPU and probably, the next Apple iPad will come with greater processing power, but we can’t be too sure that it will be a quad-core unit.

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