iPhone 5 Release Date Is September, Confirms AT&T Insider


iPhone 5 Release Date Is September, Confirms AT&T Insider

The iPhone 5 release date is highly anticipated by an entire planet. It seems that, after all, there are only a few weeks until the iPhone 5 launching event kicks off, says a trusty source inside AT&T, who decided to break the silence for BGR.

The international tech publications have been flooded with rumors regarding the iPhone 5 release date, some sources even indicating the exact date for the iPhone 5 launching event: September 12th.

But the latest details are coming directly from a trusty source that works for the biggest mobile carrier in the United Sates.

Now all we can do is wait and see whether the rumors were accurate and if the alleged iPhone 5 images that hit the web recently are indeed picturing the new design of the next-gen Apple smartphone.

Another big question mark around Apple’s products line-up is that smaller-display iPad, which will reportedly debut synchronized with the new iPhone 5.

As about the technical specifications of the new Apple smartphone, rumor has it that the Cupertino-based company have chosen a 4-inch display for their new smartphone, manufactured using in-cell technology.

Courtesy of the new in-cell manufacturing process, the overall thickness of both the display and the iPhone 5 will drop, making it the thinnest iOS-powered smartphone ever produced.

In terms of design, it seems that iPhone 5 will keep the design language of the iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S. It will be taller than its predecessor, but not wider, allowing Apple to obtain a 16:9 aspect ratio for the display.

The leaked iPhone 5 parts and body cases are suggesting that Apple have re-positioned the Facetime camera and that the new smartphone will come with a smaller dock connector. The 3.5 mm jack have also been re-positioned as it now lays to the bottom of the smartphone.

For those thinking they will get a quad-core iPhone, I have to crush their dreams, as the iPhone 5 will definitely use a dual-core smartphone, most likely an improved A5X chipset, currently installed on the new iPad.

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