Nokia And Microsoft To Host Windows Phone 8 Event On September 5th In New York


Nokia And Microsoft To Host Windows Phone 8 Event On September 5th In New York

Stephen Elop, CEO of Nokia, said that the first Windows Phone 8 terminals developed under the Finland-based company’s logo will soon see the light of day, strengthening the rumors saying that the first WP8 Nokia smartphones will be unviled on September 5th.

This is not the first time when we hear that the first Nokia Windows Phone 8 terminals will be launched on September 5th, as the first such rumors surfaced in late July. Meanwhile, Nokia and Microsoft announced they are planning an important event in New York. Even though neither of the two companies have announced the subject of the conference, we are pretty confident that it’s abut the launch of the first Windows Phone 8-powered Nokia smartphones.

Nokia and Microsoft have big plans for September 5th, when the two companies will most likely make an Windows Phone-related announcement in New York. Reports are indicating that the new Windows Phone 8 smartphones belonging to the Finnish company and the debut of the Windows Phone 7.8 firmware update will be announced at the New York-based event.

The media invitations have already been sent and the New York-based Microsoft + Nokia event will kick off synchronized with the debut of Nokia World 2012, on September 5th, and this is not just a coincidence. The rumors saying that the Windows Phone 8 Nokia Lumia terminals will debut in the same time in Europe and North America, are now confirmed.

You can also see that the invitation pictured above also mentions Nokia Maps, thus, we might possibly see an evolution of the service.

So, is this the moment when we get to see the first Windows Phone 8 terminal with PureView camera? Will Nokia recycle the design of N9? Are you ready for the first dual-core, or maybe quad-core Nokia smartphone? All these questions will be answered in a couple of weeks.

If Nokia launches the new Windows Phone 8 Lumia smartphones on September 5th, they will become a new threat for Apple’s iPhone 5, expected to be announced on September 12th.

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