Microsoft Surface With Windows RT Price Is $199, Says Source


Microsoft Surface With Windows RT Price Is $199, Says Source

It seems that another cheap high-end tablet might hit the market, joining Amazon Kindle Fire and Google Nexus 7: the Microsoft Surface running on Windows RT.

A source that attended the Microsoft TechReady15 conference says that the Redmond-based company have set the price for the Microsoft Surface tablet running on Windows RT to only $199, aiming at Google’s Nexus 7 and Amazon’s Kindle Fire.

It was previously rumored that the Microsoft Surface RT tablets will have a price around $500 or 600, while the models running on Windows 8 Pro would be twice as expensive. Anyway, a $199 tablet that debuts on October 26th and runs on the latest Windows version sounds great. With Nexus 7 and Surface with Windows RT head-to-head, the choice for a future tablet have suddenly became more difficult.

There’s the Amazon Kindle Fire, priced $199, Nexus 7 with the same price and same display size, plus a new Acer tablet with Jelly Bean on board with a similar price.

Then comes Microsoft with this (alleged) price, with a bigger display and the (almost) complete functionality of a desktop, all in a portable package with an attractive design. Now add the rumored iPad Mini and a couple of new Kindle Fire models!

Just like ASUS/Google and Amazon, a $199 Surface RT won’t generate profit for Microsoft, but, just like Amazon and Google, MS would cash in more from the Windows RT app store.

The media content sales will also contribute to Microsoft’s revenue, and if the rumors saying that Surface’s price is $199 are accurate there are two scenarios: huge sales for Microsoft and some angry Microsoft OEM partners.

How can anybody expect Acer, Samsung or Asus to compete against an Windows RT tablet that has a price of only $199? Maybe Acer’s head was right after all, saying that Microsoft Surface is bad influence for Microsoft’s partners.

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