iPhone 5 To Become Available For Pre-order On September 12th, Shipings Start On October 5th


iPhone 5 To Become Available For Pre-order On September 12th, Shipings Start On October 5th

Even tough Apple haven’t sent the press invitations to the iPhone 5 launching event yet, everybody expects the debut to take place on September 12th. We’ve recently witnessed an avalanche of iPhone 5 leaks and now we are here to deliver the latest details about the pre-orders and shipping dates of the new iOS 6 smartphone.

It seems that Apple plans to make the iPhone 5 available for pre-order on the launch day, September 12th. The new iPhone will hit the US market first, then it will become available in Europe starting with October.

The Cupertino-based company have prepared a new launch strategy for the new iPhone or iPhone 5. The previous iPhone models were made available for pre-order a couple of days after the launching event, writes iMore.

Rumor has it that Apple have planned the store release for September 21st, while the pre-orders will be take starting September 12th, soon after the official announcement. If so, then I’m expecting Apple’s website to crack under the assault of the iPhone enthusiasts craving to get their hands on the new smartphone.

The same source that has details about the iPhone 5 pre-order availability says that Apple is also planning a second wave of iPhone 5 sales on the global market in early October. Reports are indicating that the global iPhone 5 release date has been set for October 5th.

Summing up, we have to wait less than a month until we see what Apple prepared for us this time, while their smartphone continues to hit the web in various leaks.

Still, there’s one thing that no source has talked about so far. The launch of the new iPad Mini, sporting a 7.85-inch display and iPad 2-ish specifications wasn’t confirmed yet, even though it was intensively rumored that it will debut synchronized with the new iPhone 5.

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