iPhone 5 Leaked Motherboard Reveals New Antennas And Battery


iPhone 5 Leaked Motherboard Reveals New Antennas And Battery

As if somebody have dissected the iPhone 5 and releases the rumors one by one, today a new iPhone 5 part have hit the web, different from what we have seen so far.

Until now, we were able to have a look at the new 19-pin dock connector, the front panel, the battery and the Home button. Now the iPhone 5 motherboard and a couple of clues unveiled by it have leaked online.

Unfortunately, the motherboard in the gallery below doesn’t reveals the chipset of the new iPhone 5. Rumor has it that Apple’s next-gen smartphone will come with an A5-2 CPU, similar with the one installed on the iPhone 4S, but with slight modifications.

The leaked iPhone 5 motherboard reveals SIM card slot smaller than the one on iPhone 4S, making us think of the rumors saying that the new Apple smartphone will sport a nano SIM. The website that torn apart the new iPhone claims that there are 5 pins in the battery connector area, compared to iPhone 4S’ 4 pins. Some say that the new Apple product will have a higher capacity battery.

The guys who got to see the motherboard closer say that the are a lot more connections for the antennas compared to the iPhone 4S, suggesting that the new iPhone will come with LTE support. The display connector on the motherboard was also changed, indicating that Apple might use a new technology for the display.

It was rumored that Apple have chosen a 4-inch display for the iPhone 5, based on in-cell technology, allowing the company to make the touch panel even thinner. Reports are indicating that Sharp have already begun the production and shipment of the iPhone 5 touch panels.

Anyway, we recommend you to be a bit skeptical about these “leaked parts” and wait until September 12th, when Apple will reportedly unveil the new iPhone 5.

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