Windows RT Tablets Generic Technical Specifications Officially Announced


Windows RT Tablets Generic Technical Specifications Officially Announced

Even though there are only two months until Windows RT is officially launched, Microsoft haven’t unveiled too many details regarding what we should expect from the ARM tablets running on their operating system. The Microsoft Surface tablet running on Windows RT, the first of its kind, was announced in June 2012, and so far, we don’t even know the full list of Windows RT OEMs.

In an article posted on Building Windows 8 blog, Mike Angiulo, Vice President of Microsoft Ecosystem and Planning team, have unveiled the first generic technical specifications of the upcoming Windows RT tablets, based on the models that are currently under development and on Microsoft’s OEMs’ testing stands.

According to the details published by Microsoft, the Windows RT tablets and laptops with 10.1 or 11.6-inch displays will weigh in between 520 and 1,200 grams, will be between 8.35 and 15.6 mm thick and sizes that evolve from 263 x 168 to 298 x 204 mm. The wight and size might vary from one model to another, as Microsoft is not enforcing their partners certain design lines, as Intel did with their Ultrabook.

The numbers regarding the battery life of the Windows RT tablets are interesting, too. Based on the products currently under development, Microsoft says that we can expect between 8 and 13 hours of HD video playback, while the stand-by time will be between 320 and 409 hours.

The stand-by time was measured with the Connected Standby feature enabled. This new Windows RT feature allows the tablets running on this OS to receive updates for the email or messaging accounts even though they are in the deepest power saving mode.

After revealing the generic technical specifications of the Windows RT tablets, the Redmond-based giant also announced the companies that will showcase the first Windows RT devices when the operating system is officially launched. Dell, Lenovo, Samsung and Asus will be the first companies to launch ARM-based tablets and laptops running on Windows RT, thus we might see products underpinned by three of the most important chipset makers: Nvidia, Qualcomm and Texas Instruments, due to the traditional partnerships with the aforementioned Microsoft OEMs.

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