Windows 8 RTM Leaked, Is Available For Download On Torrents


Windows 8 RTM Leaked, Is Available For Download On Torrents

Less than 24 hours after Microsoft announced that their latest operating system, Windows 8, have just entered the RTM (Release To Manufacturers) stage, the final copy of Windows 8 RTM installation kit have already hit the web and can be downloaded with ease from the torrent websites.

Windows 8 RTM is available for download for those willing to pirate it, while the Microsoft’s official partners and the clients from business environment still have to wait until they get their hands on Windows 8, writes The Verge.

The leaked Windows 8 RT version is the “N” edition, being a Windows 8 Enterprise copy delivered without the Windows Media Player component.

The Winodws N editions were created by Microsoft after the pressures made by the European Commission in 2004, when the European forum enforced the Redmond-based company to eliminate Media Player in order to allow the users choose between the hundreds of apps that can do the media player job for you. Of course, those who like the Windows Media Player alternative developed by Microsoft, ca install the application by downloading it from the official website.

Microsoft have given the “no comment” treatment to the Windows RT leaks, but what is more important is that the operating system that was supposed to be introduced on October 26th, is already available for download.

If you look at the bright side, Microsoft will not have thousands of users testing the operating system for them, free of charge, therefore the Redmond-based company will have enough time to fix the bugs the “pirates” will point out.

Windows 8 RTM was supposed to be unveiled on August 15th, when Microsoft will present the version to the OEMs.

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