iPhone 5 Already On Tests, Shows Up In Server Log


iPhone 5 Already On Tests, Shows Up In Server Log

We are a month away from the rumored iPhone 5 release date and it seems that the first prototypes are showing up in the server logs of a source that reported in to TechCrounch.

Unfortunately, there are no more details about what the server hosts, but the guys at TechCrunch are saying that iPhone 5.2 is the name of the device that showed up in logs, and that this is the smartphone Apple will launch in September.

The current iPhone 4S is called iPhone 4.1 in the iOS firmwares, this iPhone 5.2 is¬†undoubtedly¬†the next version of the Apple smartphone. If iPhone 5.2 already showed up on someone’s servers, then it seems that the Apple’s employees have already got their hands on the prototypes and that the tests have begun. This means that we might soon be able to find out more about the device, as more leaks might hit the web.

The rumor mill is speculating that the Apple part suppliers are having problems manufacturing enough components for the iPhone 5, but it seems that this issue haven’t stopped the Cupertino-based company from preparing a proper launch for their smartphone.

Even though Apple’s partners aren’t able to produce enough in-cell touch panels, Apple doesn’t want to delay the launch of the terminal. This will probably result into huge lines in front of the Apple Stores, but also into long waiting times for the pre-orders.

Rumor has it that iPhone 5 will be available in two body colors: white and black, while the upper and lower ends of the body will be made of Gorilla Glass, in order to avoid overheating and improve the signal.

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