Sharp To Begin Shipping iPhone 5 Displays This Month


Sharp To Begin Shipping iPhone 5 Displays This Month

Rumor has it that iPhone 5 release date have been set for September 12th, and since the sixth generation iOS smartphone will hit the market on September 21st (as the tech world gossip is suggesting), then the parts of the device should soon arrive at the Foxconn factories.

All the puzzle pieces are now gluing together, and, even though it seems hard to believe, the iPhone 5 release date might actually be September, as Sharp has just confirmed it will start shipping the displays of the next generation iPhone starting this month.

Since the Foxconn’s factories are huge and Apple is one of the most important partners of the Shenzen-based company, we should be too surprised if, 30 days from now, there will be many assembled iPhone 5 units that Apple will start selling the device on September 21st.

Unfortunately, we don’t have any official information about the new smartphone, as Sharp haven’t confirmed the size of the displays. Anyway, according to the rumors and to the leaked iPhone 5 photos, it seems that Apple’s next-gen smartphone will sport a 4-inch touch panel.

The information hinting that the Japanese company will start shipping iPhone 5′s display this month was unveiled by Sharp’s new president, Takashi Okuda, at the press conference where the display maker announced its financial results. Mr. Okuda probably hoped that by “mistakenly” unveiling this information will make Sharp’s shares grow.

Of course, Sharp is not the only company that produces iPhone displays, as both LG and Japan Display where contracted by Apple to make the in-cell touch panels of their next smartphone. According the the latest rumors, the new 4-inch displays of the iPhone 5 will be thinner courtesy of the in-cell technology.

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