Google Chrome 21 Now Available For Download


Google Chrome 21 Now Available For Download

It’s clear that Google Chrome is among the top web browsers on the market. It includes great features such as the incognito browsing mode, the possibility to sync bookmarks or the fact that it has its own download manager. Well, version 21 was released yesterday and it brings new functions and also some interface tweaks.

One of the things I like the most about Chrome is the fact that it allows me to search directly from the address bar, with not need to access the Google page. The address bar of Google Chrome is called Omnibox and offers the users various suggestions as he types. When the results are accurate, the browser starts to pre-load the selected page. For popular websites such as social networks, the page loading can be almost instantly.

Chrome has been updated in security terms as well because you can receive warnings when you download a certain file and the browser thinks it might be dangerous for your computer. How it does it? Google Chrome includes a blacklist containing harmful sites. When the file is downloaded, it tracks its originating server and it compares it to the websites on the blacklist. This feature can be disabled by accessing the “Preferences”. Even though the function is very useful, some people are more concerned about their privacy. So, you can disable it if you don’t want the browser to look where your downloads come from.

Even if they are not as noticeable as other features, Google Chrome 21 brings other smaller updates that make it work better. Th page zooming has been improved and now the users can zoom up to 500%. While in the previous versions, the Print Preview function had its own tab, now it can be accessed from a configurable modal window which makes printing quicker than before. The History tab has also been redesigned making the users able to filter out certain domains and even remove them if they don’t want them to be shown.

Other updates have been made to the V8 JavaScript engine and fixes have been made to various security issues. All of these updates make Google Chrome run faster and safer.

The Chrome extensions have not been forgotten either. Now, you can add almost as many extension as on Firefox. Some users can even take advantage of improved extension APIs if they have a more technical inclination.

Anyway, Google Chrome 21 is a great browser in case you want to make a change from Firefox or IE (which in my opinion is obsolete for a long time). If you have an older version of Chrome, you should definitely make the update.

You can download Google Chrome 21 from HERE.

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