Windows 8 RTM Launched, Heading To OEMs


Windows 8 RTM Launched, Heading To OEMs

Yesterday, Microsoft officially announced that Windows 8 RTM was finalized and that it will soon be rolled out to OEMs, meaning that the final version of Windows 8 is ready. RTM (Release to Manufacturing) is stage when the product is packed and ready to be sent to the hardware partners to pre-install it on their machines.

As you probably know, Windows 8 will be officially launched on October 26th. On the same day we will be able to see the first machines underpinned by the new operating system, including Microsoft’s own-branded Surface.

The final build can be identified as 9200.16384.win8_rtm.120725-1247 and it will arrive at the hardware manufacturers over the next couple of days.

Beginning with August 15th, Windows 8 RTM will also be available in MSDN. The developers, IT specialists and the users with payed MSDN substitution will be able to download it. Visual Studio 2012 final build will also be available in Windows Dev Center.

As of August 15th, the IT specialists who want to test Windows 8 inside their companies can access the final version using their TechNet subscriptions.

Starting August 16th, the customers that bought Microsoft Software Assurance for Windows can download Windows 8 Enterprise via Volume Licence Service Center (VLSC), meaning they would be able to test and adopt Windows 8 Enterprise inside their own companies. On the same day, the Microsoft Partner Network members will gain access to Windows 8.

On August 20th, the partners with Microsoft Action Pack (MAPS) subscriptions will gain access to Windows 8.

Until then, Windows 8 Release Preview is available for download free of charge and can be grabbed from Microsoft’s official website.

All the details about Windows 8 RT are provided by Steven Sinofsky, on Windows 8 official blog. Until now, 16 million PCs are running on one of the early Windows 8 builds, of which 7 million running on Release Preview version.

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