Nexus 7 $25 Google Play Credit Boosts Android Apps Sales


Nexus 7 $25 Google Play Credit Boosts Android Apps Sales

Besides the amazing price of only $200 for the 8 GB model and $249 for the 16 GB tablet, Google Nexus 7 also comes along with $25 Google Play credit that can be spent in the popular Android store.

The raising popularity of the first Google tablet, Nexus 7, have influenced the whole Google Play store.

For example, Instapaper is an application that allows you to save web content on your tablet / smartphone and view it later, when you don’t have access to an internet connection. It has a price of $3 and after Google’s 7-inch tablet was made available for purchase the Insapaper downloads grew 600%.

Another reason for the growth is also that Nexus 7 doesn’t have 3G connection, thus you will need an app like this to read different web pages when a WiFi is nowhere to find.

Before the debut of Google Nexus 7, Instapaper for Android was the most downloaded app on devices like Samsung Galaxy Nexus, Galaxy Note and Galaxy Tab 10.1. Google Nexus 7 overtook all of them in less than two weeks after the pre-ordered tablets were shipped to their owners.

The popularity of Nexus 7 doubled the number of downloads for payed applications in Google Play. I find it fabulous that a 7-inch tablet with $25 Google Play credit managed to double number of downloaded payed apps. This shows that the Android users are avoiding the payed apps, as most of them choose to download the free apps or install them using the free APK files.

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