Microsoft Reinvents Hotmail, Migrates It To


Microsoft Reinvents Hotmail, Migrates It To

The good, ol’ email client, Hotmail, received a deserved update. Well, it’s not an actual update as Microsoft will ditch the Hotmail brand. The users of the popular mail client will soon be redirected to the new, which provides an improved experience, with graphic elements borrowed from Windows 8′s Metro UI.

The first ting you notice when you access the new service is the very clean user interface. According to Microsoft, 30% more messages are displayed in the main page, while the top of the interface is now 60% narrower. The space for advertising was condensed in the left side of the page, leaving more room for the emails and messages.

With the new service, you will receive a long list of social networks, like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, you can use to send messages. Skype is also on the list, as the voice-over IP service is now under Microsoft’s umbrella. will soon receive support for video chatting directly from the email service.

The email service is now smarter and knows how to automatically sort the newsletters and the updates for the social networks. They are now displayed separately, and the important messages in Inbox can be viewed without problems. The Office Web Apps are now included in and all the compatible attached documents can be viewed without having to download them.

The attachment size limitations are no longer a problem for the new Microsoft mail client, as the SkyDrive storage in the cloud service comes in help.

There’s an upgrade button for the users who already have a Hotmail account, allowing them to migrate their mail to the new service. If you want you can also go for an email address.

The users who have a Microsoft account can log in and access the new features right away. If you are using another mail client, you can choose to have your emails sent to the new account.

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