HP Working On A Windows 8-powered Tablet?


HP Working On A Windows 8-powered Tablet?

HP didn’t managed to become relevant on the tablet market no matter what operating system their slates used. But, apparently the US-based company is not giving up and it seems HP is willing to try its luck one more time on the tablet segment, as it’s preparing a new product.

In a commercial uploaded on the Official HP YouTube channel, the Palo Alto giant is handing an Apple-ish product philosophy and showcases some of the company’s products.

“Make it Matter” is the motto of the HP marketing campaign and it presents several ambitious youths engaged in different actions. For several seconds, towards the end of the video, a mysterious HP tablet makes its entrance, fueling the rumors saying that HP is working on a brand new tablet.

The screenshot above has been taken at second 55 of the video, and the device it is most likely an Windows 8-powered tablet. Rumor has it that it will be named HP Slate 8, or at least that’s what was pointed out in a document that leaked on the web in April. The HP Slate 8 will most likely aim at the business segment.

Even though we don’t have any details about the mysterious HP tablet, the video revealed that the tablet is held in landscape mode and that is almost integrally made of aluminium and that it has a plastic insertion on the top end. The position of the HP logo, that aligns with the way the tablet is held, confirms that the device is made to stay in landscape mode.

Of course, all these details are based on speculations, but HP previously confirmed they will develop a series of tablets running on Microsoft’s Windows 8 operating system, and a design like this has all the chances to see the light of day.

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