GMail Receives Google+ Hangouts Integration


GMail Receives Google+ Hangouts Integration

In an attempt to lure some more users for their video conference service Hangouts, Google takes one more step in the right direction.

The support for video calls integrated in the Gmail service just received an upgrade, that simplifies the way you chat with your Google+ friends and improves the stability of the connections.

Compared to the old video chat feature, based on a communication protocol in peer-to-peer system, the new implementation uses the Google+ Hangouts technology for improved functionality and better connection quality.

The new service allows the user to chat with their Google+ friends and even attend video conference session with up to 9 users in the same time. You can watch YouTube videos together, work with Google docs and allow the attendants to watch the your Desktop activities.

The Hangouts feature was seen as Google Plus’ ace up the sleeve since the service was launched last year. Betting on the popularity of this feature and trying to drive even more traffic and users to their social network, Google made Hangouts available directly in Gmail.

Even though the video call feature was introduced in Gmail in 2008, this update should take the video call experience to a whole new level.

Moreover, after the new update, you will be able to access some interesting features directly from the Gmail interface. Besides the up to 9 participants chat, if you get bored you can now apply different filters for a bit of diversity and fun.

You can now initiate or answer a Hangout call from a person that uses the Google+ app for iOS or Android.

Google already started to roll out the new service for the Gmail users, but you might have to wait a few more days until the feature propagates through the network.

The Google+ Hangouts functionality is gradually made available for all Gmail users, and it should get global coverage over the next couple of days.

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