Windows 8 Could Be The Most Secure Operating System


Windows 8 Could Be The Most Secure Operating System

Windows 8 seems to be the most secure operating system after it manged to repel the hackers’ attacks. At the Black Hat and DEF CON events, tens of hackers tried to find exploits in Windows 8, but Microsoft’s operating system fought back bravely, leaving the competition untouched.

On the other hand, Windows Phone 8 could be the most secure mobile operating system.

But the new security measures against malware applications have their price: the user’s actions are now more restricted than ever, but the files and user’s personal information are now safer, writes ExtremeTech.

While the Secure and Trusted Booth features are providing complete protection against rootkit applications, each Metro application is run in a sandbox. Therefore the hacker attacks are hampered, as Windows 8 warns you about any application downloaded online which might create vulnerabilities in your system.

Even though there is now malware application for Windows Phone 7, this doesn’t stopped Microsoft’s engineers to introduce similar security options in Windows Phone 8. Now we are eager to see whether the new Microsoft operating system, Windows 8, that will debut on October 26th, will provide the security the Redmond-based company promised to us.

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