OS X Mountain Lion, 3 Million Downloads In 4 Days


OS X Mountain Lion, 3 Million Downloads In 4 Days

The new operating system introduced by Apple at World Wide Developer Conference 2012 have just set a new record for the company.

With 3 million downloads in four days, OS X Mountain Lion is Apple’s operating system with the most impressive downloads number since launch.

The commercial windfall of OS X Mountain Lion seem to have been influenced by the upgrade price, of only $20. The new operating system for Mac includes over 200 new features and improvements, many of them inspired by iOS, the mobile operating system developed by Apple, writes Engaget.

During the press conference where the new OS X 10.8 was introduced, Apple’s officials said that the most impressive improvements in their new operating system were brought to the Messages, Notification Center, AirPlay Mirroring, Dictation and Game Center features. The Sharing option, now integrated in the whole system have also been improved by Apple’s software engineers.

As things stand, OS X Mountain Lion will soon receive integration with world’s most popular social network, Facebook. The Facebook integration will be delivered via a free software update, which will probably start rolling out syncronized with the launch of iOS 6, the mobile operating system for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch

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