Samsung Working On 11.8-inch Tablet With WQXGA Display


Samsung Working On 11.8-inch Tablet With WQXGA Display

After the first Samsung Windows Phone 8 smartphones were spotted in the documents the South Korea-based company used in the patent lawsuit against Apple, a new Samsung product that impresses with its display size have been revealed in the same files.

The lawsuit between Apple and Samsung over technology patent infringement continues to surprises us: Samsung is working on a 11.8-inch tablet with WQXGA display resolution.

Mentioned in the documents by its codename, P10, the Samsung tablet will sport a 11.8-inch display and an amazing resolution of 2,560 x 1,600 pixels. The display pixel density of 256 ppi is getting the Samsung tablet close to Apple’s new iPad, which has a density of 264 ppi.

With such display size, the Samsung P10 tablet would become the flagship device of the company, completing a tablet line-up that begins with 7-inch tablet and continues with 7.7, 8.9 and 10.1 inches. For the time being, we can’t know for sure whether this product will ever see the light of day, but Samsung’s documents are talking about a 2012 release date.

The new tablet PC developed by the South Korean company will probably be named Galaxy Tab 11.8 and it will have a display that can take on the Retina Display, used by Apple for their new iPad. The documents quoted by The Verge are indicating that it will have a resolution of 2,560 x 1,600 pixels.

The first rumors about a 11.8-inch Samsung tablet have hit the web in late 2011, but the gadget was only confirmed now. The documents provided by the lawyers in Apple vs Samsung lawsuit also include details about the tablet’s connectivity features: WiFi and LTE.

The Samsung tablets are a source of problems not only in Europe, but in the United States, as well. Based on the same charges related to Apple design infringements, the Galaxy Tab 10.1 sales have been banned both in Germany and US. Samsung had to launch a new version with a revised design – Galaxy tab 10.1N. Meanwhile, Galaxy Tab 7.7 have been banned on the European market.

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