iPhone 5 Will Actually Be “The New iPhone”


iPhone 5 Will Actually Be “The New iPhone”

It looks like Apple have decided not to give numbers anymore to their iOS smartphones, just like it happened with The New iPad: iPhone 5 will be called “The New iPhone.”

Because the fifth generation iPhone was actually iPhone 4S, Apple is reportedly ditching the numbers in the name of their devices. Beginning with this fall, any customer who will ask for an iPhone 5 in the Apple Stores will be “warned” that the actual name is the “New iPhone,” or maybe just “iPhone,” writes Gizomodo.

Apple’s new marketing strategy also has a psychological component, as the products without numbers in their name are getting closer to the car makers’ philosophy, who are keeping the same name, adding the year of debut.

The latest rumors regarding the iPhone 5 release date are talking about a launching event scheduled for September 12th, with the smartphone becoming available for purchase on September 21st.

There’s no day passing by without leaks about Apple and iPhone 5! This is how the tech blogs looked over the past few weeks and after we’ve seen an assembled iPhone 5 the other day, today we found out about the official iPhone 5 launch event. Sources close to the Cupertino-based company confirmed that Apple have planned a media event for September 12th, which might include the announcement of a new iPhone.

Moreover we’ve learned that the terminal will become available for purchase only 9 days after the official announcement, on September 21st. If the rumors are true then Apple would launch the New iPhone one month earlier than we initially expected. The first rumors were pointing that the iPhone 5 will be announced in October.

So far, websites like iMore, TheLoop and AllThingsD are confirming Setpember 21st as iPhone 5 release date, suggesting that the rumors might actually be accurate. This year the new iPhone will have a fierce rival, Samsung Galaxy S3, a smartphone that is already a best-seller. Over 10 million Samsung Galaxy S3 units have already been shipped since it debuted in May.

It was already speculated that the 4-inch iPhone is already in production and that is was assembled, sporting a Retina Display that overpassed the 3.5-inch threshold, a repositioned audio jack, 19-pin dock connector, larger speakers on the bottom edge of the device. Rumor has it that the iPhone 5 will have a two-tone back case.

As usual, we recommend you to be a bit skeptical about the rumors that hit the web, but if I were in the shoes of an Apple fanboy, I would start make savings.

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