iPhone 5 Release Date Is September 21st, iPad Mini Coming In November, iPad 4 Is Under Development


iPhone 5 Release Date Is September 21st, iPad Mini Coming In November, iPad 4 Is Under Development

In the middle of the rumors regarding iPhone 5 release date, the guys at iLounge have unveiled the details about four new Apple products, the iPad Mini, a new iPod Touch and a new iPod Nano.

iLounge is also confirming that the iPhone 5 release date was set for September 21st, adding that the smartphone will look just like we’ve seen it in the leaks, but it will come with two casing options.

The first case would be a reminiscent of the Bumper launched in 2010, while the other one will be “revolutionary,” having a powerful impact on the accessories market, but, for the time being, no one knows for sure whether it will see the light of day.

Rumor has it that Apple will launch a new iPod Touch model this fall, with a 4-inch display and the dual-core A5 chipset introduced with iPad 2 and placed inside the iPhone 4S, corroborated with the new design of iPhone 5. Unfortunately, Apple will not launch a new version of iPod Nano, and iDevice that doesn’t get too much attention from the consumers.

Sources say that iPad Mini will not be introduced at the same event as iPhone 5 and the new iPod Touch, as it seems it will be announced sometime mid-November. It seems that Apple would also develop new version of the Smart Cover cases which will work with iPad Mini, but the launch of the tablet is conditioned by the relatively low stocks of the product.

Apple would be interested in launching the iPad Mini during the Winter┬áHolidays, the season when the customers are spending a lot, filling up the companies’ bank accounts.

It was reported that iPad 4 is currently under development in Apple’s labs and it seems that the tablet will have the same design as The New iPad, but it will come with minor changes meant to improve user’s experience.

Apple will improve the cooling system, it will include newer and more powerful components and it will implement the new 19-pin dock connector and a mic for background noises, like the one used for iPhone 5.

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