Zuckerberg Denies Facebook Smartphone Rumors


Zuckerberg Denies Facebook Smartphone Rumors

Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook CEO, have denied the rumors saying that his company have teamed-up with HTC to develop its own-branded smartphone running on Android.

Taking to the shareholders during the event where the Facebook financial results for the second quarter of the year were unveiled, Zuckerberg said that launching an own-branded smartphone “really wouldn’t make much sense for us to do,” writes Engaget.

Instead of working on a Facebook dedicated gadget, Zuckerberg says that the social network giant is concentrating on providing deeper integration for the mobile platforms already available on the market. He talked about the new features that the Apple’s iOS 6 will receive once it have integrated Facebook sharing.

“I think we’re really much closer to the beginning than the end [for mobile development.] If you use the apps today I think they’re relatively basic compared to what anybody would want from a Facebook experience on the phone,” added the Facebook CEO.

As about the Q2 2012 financial results, Facebook have posted an income of $1.18 billion, growing 32% compared to the same time frame of the last year, and losses of $157 million.

At the end of June, the social network had 955 million active users. The figures reported by Facebook and their distribution on geographic regions denies the rumors that surfaced on the web a few days ago, speculating that the social network is loosing users in Europe and The United States.

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