RIM Working On A 10-inch BlackBerry PlayBook Tablet?


RIM Working On A 10-inch BlackBerry PlayBook Tablet?

Just when we thought that BlackBerry is taking its last breath an interesting leak have hit the tech blogs.

Research In Motion (RIM) is not doing fine at all, as the BlackBerry sales are dropping on quarter to another. Their strategy for 2012 is almost absent and the Canadians haven’t launched a high-end smartphone or tablet in like half-a-yer.

Well, the pictures of a mysterious Blackberry tablet, packing a 10-inch display have just surfaced on the web.

There’s a whole story around the 10-inch BlackBerry tablet. It seems that RIM prepared it for Q3 2012, introducing it along with BlackBerry 10 OS, but since the mobile operating system was delayed for Q1 2013, so was the tablet.

It looks like its technical specifications are similar to the 7-inch BlackBerry PlayBook: dual-core chipset and 1 GB of RAM. Now imagine this tablet competing against the quad-core Android tablets with 2 GB of RAM and 1080p display, but also against the popular Apple iPad.

The BlackBerry 10-inch tablet in the gallery below doesn’t have a revised design, as it’s a reminiscent of the 7-inch BB slate, which is not impressive at all.

To be honest, I doubt that RIM will launch a 10-inch tablet, especially that it will have to go against Apple’s iPad. Its sells would be disastrous making the Canadians sunk even quicker. In fact I don’t think RIM will launch something relevant at all.

In fact, I doubt RIM launching anything relevant this year or next year. There will probably be a couple of smartphones with BlackBerry 10 OS on board, making a shy entrance on the market, and my guess is that what it basically was the inventor of the email on phones, RIM, will have vanished by summer of 2013, in case a big company doesn’t get their hands on them.

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