Another Source Showcases An Assembled iPhone 5


Another Source Showcases An Assembled iPhone 5

Earlier today a Chinese website have assembled and showcased what it seems to be the new iPhone 5, the iOS-powered smartphone Apple might launch on September 21st. A new source is now presenting a terminal with the same design in a video.

Over the past week we have seen a lot of iPhone and iPad concepts, leaked iPhone 5 concepts and lots of rumors quoting sources inside Apple. Well, today the components and the body of the new iPhone 5 are hitting the web, and Macotakara, the reputed Japanese website, is posting a video of an assembled iPhone 5.

You can see that the terminal confirms the latest rumors, either it’s about the two-tone back case, the bigger display or about the repositioned 3.5 mm jack or the 19-pin dock connector.

As you can see for yourself the 3.5 mm jack have been repositioned to the bottom of the iPhone 5, near the smaller dock connector and the slightly larger speakers. I have also noticed that the front camera was placed above the in-call speaker and that the smartphone is taller than its predecessors, the iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S.

The new source uses the exact same components as the Chinese supplier that assembled the iPhone 5 earlier today, but the device has other body colors. Except for this little detail, everything looks the same, as all the components seem to be coming straight from Apple’s suppliers.

Rumor has it that iPhone 5 will have a 4-inch display manufactured using in-cell technology, it will be 10 mm taller than iPhone 4S, but not wider, it will be thinner than its predecessor and it seems it will sport a 19-pin dock connector. As I mentioned above the audio port have been moved to the bottom of the device next to the dock connector and the Facetime camera have been relocated above the speaker. The new case seems to be made out of aluminum and glass.

Of course, as usual, I recommend you to be a bit skeptical about suck leaks, as they can as well be fake terminals. What we haven’t seen so far is a fully functional iPhone 5, turned on and with iOS 6.0 on board, but I guess this will be the next big thing leak.

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