iPhone 5 Release Date Is September 21st, Says Source


iPhone 5 Release Date Is September 21st, Says Source

Last week, a French blog was writing that iPhone 5 release date was set for September 21st, quoting a source close to a Chinese Apple accessories maker.

Even though the initial rumors saying that iPhone 5 release date will be September 21st seemed made up, the same launch day was confirmed by a second source.

The guys at PhoneArena got in touch with an employee of a “large US retailer” who confirmed that the company he works for have received information saying that the iPhone 5 will be launched on September 21st.

Even though the previous rumors were indicating that the iPhone 5 will be introduced sometime in October or November, there were voices saying that the Cupertino-based company will release their iOS smartphone late September.

An analyst was claiming that Apple will move up the iPhone 5 release date to September because of the success of Samsung Galaxy S3 and the dropping iPhone 4S demand. During the press conference where Apple’s financial results for Q3 2012 were announce, the company’s CEO, Tim Cook, said that the rumors and speculations regarding the iPhone 5 have affected the iPhone sales.

Apple is always launching the new iOS final versions synchronized with the debut of a new iPhone. iOS 6 beta was introduced at WWDC 2012 and now everyone is expecting the final version of the new Apple mobile operating system to debut. It was reported that iOS 6 Gold Master will be launched in September, therefore the iPhone 5 will be introduce on the exact same day.

Regarding the technical specifications of the new iPhone 5 most of the rumors are talking about a slightly bigger display, around 4 inches (diagonally). The new display will use the in-cell technology allowing the Cupertino-based company to make the device even thinner than its successor, the iPhone 4S.

At WWDC 2012 event based in San Francisco, Apple have introduced a new service, a rival for Google Wallet. This means that the new iPhone 5 might feature a NFC chip, allowing mobile payments.

As about the chipset of the iPhone 5 it was intensively speculated that it will come with a whole new unit, unofficially dubbed A6. In fact, the iPhone 5 might feature the A5X CPU introduced with the new iPad.

Apple made a habit out of placing the iPad chipsets inside their new iPhone models. Therefore, we’ve had an iPhone 4 equipped with the single-core A4 processor of the first iPad, then the iPhone 4S came with the dual-core A5 CPU installed on the iPad 2. It’s of common sense to think that the iPhone 5 will sport the dual-core A5X SoC that currently underpins the new iPad.

The LTE-friendly A5X chipset will allow Apple to penetrate the 4G smartphone market, a segment that is constantly growing, especially in North America, the most important market for the phone maker giant.

Summing up we might actually see the iPhone 5 in flash sooner than we expected which could mean nothing more than good news.

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