Samsung: There Would Have Been No iPhone Without Our Technologies


Samsung: There Would Have Been No iPhone Without Our Technologies

In the latest patent war between Apple and Samsung, the South Korea-based company launched a witty attack. In the press statement of the Asian phone maker it was suggested that Apple couldn’t have developed the iPhone without “stealing our technology.”

After the Apple officials have said that the Samsung patents the South Korean company is trying to protect are worth almost zero, the Samsung officials have released a press statement accusing Apple of stealing their technologies, claiming that the iPhone couldn’t have existed with the technology stolen from the Asian phone maker, writes BGR.

“Apple seeks to exclude Samsung from the market, based on its complaints that Samsung has used the very same public domain design concepts that Apple borrowed from other competitors, including Sony, to develop the iPhone,” said the Samsung officials.

“Apple also uses patented Samsung technology that it has not paid for,” reads the list of accusations brought by the South Korean company.

To sustain the accusations saying that Apple used their technologies, Samsung exhibited a device that featured a touchscreen, developed by them in 2006. It’s design was patented in South Korea in 2006 and in February 2007 it was sold as Samsung F700. The gadget had a touchscreen, round corners, an app drawer reminiscent of iOS (Apple’s operating system wasn’t launched back then) and a large button on the low end.

Moreover, Samsung characterized Apple as “hypocrite” because the Cupertino-based company got its inspiration from the Sony products. Moreover, the Asians are saying that Apple have trivially patented touchscreen-related features, even though the technologies were widespread way before Apple entered the smartphone market in 2007.

Apple reiterates that Samsung “deliberately” wanted to create a iPhone and iPad-like products, but the Cupertino giant haven’t brought any evidence to rule-out the pre-iPhone concepts Samsung presented.

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