Facebook Smartphone, Co-developed With HTC, Might Hit The Market Mid 2013


Facebook Smartphone, Co-developed With HTC, Might Hit The Market Mid 2013

Just when we thought the media forgot about the enigmatic Facebook smartphone, Bloomberg comes to say that the product will see the light of day next year.

Bloomberg confirms that Facebook will team-up with HTC to develop the terminal, just like the infos that surfaced a month ago speculated, but the reputed publication doesn’t come with any fresh details about the technical specifications. According to their sources, the Facebook smartphone will hit the market sometime mid 2013. The launch was delayed due to HTC plans, as the¬†Taiwanese are currently buys launching new devices.

As you probably know, in 2011 HTC launched two Android terminals with Facebook integration and dedicated contextual button, but the ChaCha and Salsa models weren’t popular at all.

Rumor has it that Facebook is currently working on a modified Android version, as the social networking giant hired former Apple software engineers to help them in the development process.

There are currently over 900 million Facebook users, and more than half of them are signing in to the social network using their mobile devices. Victor Anthony, Topeka Capital Markets analyst, says that the users are starting to use their smartphones more than their PCs for social networking and other services, and Facebook must monetize this trend.

Maybe an own-branded smartphone would make Facebook shares grow, after they dropped 23% after the initial public offering. The drop was influenced by the fear that Facebook is not capable of earning enough money from their deals with the advertisers, especially on mobile devices.

In case you are curious, Mark Zuckerber was a BlackBerry user until he made the switch to Apple’s iPhone. The team of former Apple engineers now working for world’s largest social network are currently busy developing a new version of the Facebook application for iPhone, even though it seems that some of them are developing that Facebook Phone.

Will the terminal manage to become relevant on a market already crowded with various Android models? The comments section below is all yours.

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