Dell Still On Microsoft’s Windows 8 RT OEM List


Dell Still On Microsoft’s Windows 8 RT OEM List

There isn’t much to say about any Windows RT tablets apart from the well-known Surface tablet series developed by Microsoft. However, people keep talking about other non-Microsoft devices that will use Windows RT and run ARM processors.

As far as we know, Microsoft does not allow most of its PC partners to use its new tablet OS (the idea is based on many online reports). While is appears that HP refused the opportunity to produce a Windows RT tablet, it looks like Dell doesn’t want to miss this chance, according to Unwired View.

Dell says that the rumors are true and the company plans to make tablets that will run on Windows 8. The company has not mentioned anything about the tablet’s specifications or design, though. Windows 8 tablets are meant to run a typical Windows environment (just like the Windows on PCs), while Windows RT tablet will feature only the touch-based Metro user interface.

The company has unveiled two brand new workstations meaning the 17.3-inch Precision M6700 and the 15.6-inch Precision M4700. Both are meant for professional graphics designers. Also, both can run on two operating systems, Windows and Red Hat Enterprise Linux.

Last week, Dell announced that it will release a special laptop (code-named “Project Sputnik”) which is meant for software developers. The company said that the laptop will sport Canonical’s Ubuntu Linux. Two years ago, Dell stopped selling Ubuntu Linux PCs on important markets like the United States and the U.K., but the company kept selling Linux-based laptops on Eastern markets such as China and India.

Dell claims that the Linux PCs were in development before the Surface series was announced by Microsoft, which is true, actually. But the interesting thing is the moment when Dell made them available for purchase.

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