Nokia Lumia 910 And Lumia 920 With Windows Phone 8 Arriving On September 5th?


Nokia Lumia 910 And Lumia 920 With Windows Phone 8 Arriving On September 5th?

A few days ago we’ve told you that Nokia is preparing a surprise for September 7th. A billboard placed in Helsinki, Finland was teasing “something amazing” and considering that Nokia World is scheduled for September 5th – 6th, we believe that it’s about a Windows Phone 8 smartphone.

Rumor has it that the Finland-based company is preparing to launch two new Windows Phone 8 smartphones on September 5th: Nokia Lumia 910 and Nokia Lumia 920.

This piece of information comes from MyNokiaBlog, quoting sources close to WPDang, a website that packed with exclusive rumors about Windows Phone models. Basically, at leas one new Windows Phone 8 Lumia smartphone should be announced at Nokia World, plus a triad of Asha terminals. Maybe we will be lucky to see some Symbian/Nokia OS devices, to and a Jolla OS surprise.

In the picture above you can see the Nokia prototype showcased last month, when Windows Phone 8 was officially announced. Its design is not relevant, as the terminal’s shape is “masked” by a special case.

The consumers have high expectations for September, as Windows Phone 8 brings support for multi-core processors, 720p display resolutions and many other new improvements. How would you like a Nokia Lumia smartphone running on Windows Phone 8 and sporting a PureView camera with HD display and dual or even quad-core CPU? Of course, this would be the flagship device. But a WP8 dual-core midrange smartphone with qHD display and 5/8 megapixel would be reasonable, too, isn’t it?

When Microsoft officials introduced Windows Phone 8 a month ago, both the tech enthusiasts and the tech journalists were impressed by the improvements the Redmond-based company brought to their mobile operating system. Even though the smartphone market is currently dominated by Google’s Android and Apple’s iPhone, the analysts are tipping Windows Phone as the third major mobile platform. Is Micorosft’s mobile OS capable of biting a large chunk of Android’s and iOS’ market share? Discuss.

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