Staples Head Hints At “Five or six” New Amazon Kindle Fire Tablets


Staples Head Hints At “Five or six” New Amazon Kindle Fire Tablets

The rumors regarding the next generation of Amazon Kindle Fire were strengthen by the claims of one of company’s partners, who claims that Amazon is readying “five or six” different tablet models.

Demos Parneros, head of Staples stores chain, confirmed that Amazon will introduce up to 6 new tablet models. Quoting Steples president, The Verge writes that one of the tablets will be a 10.1-inch model.

For the time being it isn’t sure whether the 6 models are completely different. Most likely they are talking about versions with different storage capacity or connectivity, but the news are great either way. After the online retailer giant controlled the Android tablet market with their cheap 7-inch Amazon Kindle Fire, the company is now planning to take on Apple and their iPad, launching a 10-inch Kindle.

A lot of speculations and unofficial infos about an Android-powered smartphone have hit the web lately, but Demos Parneros haven’t confirmed nor provided any details regarding this gadget. The Staples official haven’t unveiled when the new Amazon tablets will be made available for purchase.

Back in November 2011 when Amazon Kindle Fire was released, few have though that the $200 tablet will become the most successful Android tablet.

Google saw an opportunity in Kindle Fire’s recipe: a really cheap tablet with high-end specifications, and in June the search engine giant unveiled the Nexus 7, a quad-core tablet with 7-inch HD display that has a price of only $200.

It looks like the competition on the 7-inch tablet market will get even hotter, as it was reported that Apple is also working on a 7.85-inch iOS-powered tablet, unofficially dubbed iPad Mini. Rumor has it that, besides the 7.85-inch display, the iPad Mini will come with iPad 2′s technical specifications at a price of $300.

Therefore, Kindle Fire 2 will have to withstand the heavy pressure coming from Google and Apple on the 7-inch segment, while Amazon aims high at iPad’s market share, with a 10-inch model.

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