Nokia In Talks With Carriers Over Windows Phone 8 Line-up Exclusive Contracts


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After Nokia “planted” their former MeeGo team to Jolla, making it their plan B, the Finland-based phone maker is now making new changes, trying to overcome the though situation the company is in currently.

It’s obvious that something went wrong with the Lumia line-up, as reports are indicating that only 330,000 units were sold on The US market, all these after an aggressive marketing campaign. Well, Nokia is now announcing a new marketing approach.

The Finns have made a habit out of selling their terminals via any possible channel, including retailers, carriers and any other store that can commercialize their phones. Well, it seems that for the Nokia Windows Phone 8 smartphones, world’s second phone vendor will sign exclusive contracts with certain mobile operators.

It seems that France Telecom and Nokia are currently discussing over a partnership deal, but the contract wasn’t sealed yet. The new approach involves solid partnerships and a special support for smartphones. Therefore, the Nokia Lumia WP8 devices might arrive with numerous apps personalized by the carrier, quick firmware upgrades and accessible prices linked with (maybe) favorable contracts.

A source close to the Nokia – France Telecom talks says that after the Finns are signing the deal with the carriers, the latter ones will help the Lumia line-up become a successful brand by actively involving in its marketing campaigns.

Even though I don’t know what can a carrier do more than giving away an Xbox with each Lumia the customer was purchasing or host giant free music concerts, like it happened in UK and US, respectively, maybe Nokia’s Windows Phone 8 will finally become relevant on a market dominated by Samsung and Apple.

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