Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 Commercial And Leaked Unboxing


Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 Commercial And Leaked Unboxing

After we’ve seen it for the first time at Mobile World Congress event in February, almost half a year later we might actually get our hands on the new Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1. A commercial, new technical specifications and an imminent launch event hosted by Samsung, they are all indicating the debut of Note 10.1.

A few weeks ago the rumors saying that one of the tablet concepts we’ve seen at MWC 2012 Barcelona will soon see the light of day. Meanwhile, the tablet presented as a device with a dual-core Exynos chipset clocked at 1.4 GHz and 3 megapixel camera, became a slate with a quad-core 1.4 GHz GPU, a Mali 400 GPU, 2 GB of RAM and a 5 megapixel camera.

Moreover, compared to the concept introduced in February, the new Galaxy Note model has a special slot on one side that accommodates the S-Pen stylus. As color liveries, we can expect, besides the already classic white, the blue shade currently available on Samsung Galaxy S3 – Pebble Blue. Android 4.1 Jelly Bean should come pre-installed on the new Samsung tablet, too.

In terms of connectivity, the guys at The Brave Post spotted a HSPA + model, plus Bluetooth and WiFi N modules. An interesting feature of Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 is that you can team it up with a smartphone, then you will be able to use it as a speaker during a voice call, or to send or receive text messages. Unfortunately, there are no extra details about the technology that allows smartphone “pairing.”

Although there’s no word about Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 release date, on August 15th, when Samsung is posting an Unpacked event, there are high chances to find out the price of the new tablet, as well as the time it will become available for purchase, probably, synchronized with Galaxy Note 2.

Until then, Step Management agency prepared a 30 seconds video, which, if we are lucky enough we will be seeing it on TV in about a month. As about the unboxing of Samsung Galaxy Note, the guys at The Brave Post have more details. Oh, by the way, doesn’t the picture above remind you of an white iPad?

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