Verizon Galaxy Nexus Price Cut Off To $99


Verizon Galaxy Nexus Price Cut Off To $99

The customers who want to buy a Google smartphone at a low price, now they have the opportunity to get at $99.99 from Verizon Wireless. The carrier wanted to revive the Samsung Galaxy Nexus to drag the attention of the fans. The price valid only if you purchase the device online and with a two-year contract.

Nobody knows for sure why Verizon is dropping the price so drastically, but it cold be because the Samsung Galaxy S3 has been the first choice of the customers since it was released and other Android smartphones were left somewhere behind. Plus, later this year, other Android phones will appear and surely Verizon wants to sell the older handsets even at an important discount. Some customers may think that this is a cheaper way to get their hands on a device that runs on Android 4.1 Jelly Bean. However, even if the Galaxy Nexus is the first smartphone that comes with the latest version of Android, the offer is available only if you purchase the phone from Google’s store, thus the Verizon version will sport Android Ice Cream Sandwich.

Nevertheless, a Samsung Galaxy Nexus at only $99.99 is still a very good deal in case you want an affordable but great smartphone.

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