iPad Mini And Revised iPad 3 Release Dates Set After iPhone 5 Launch, Says Analyst


iPad Mini And Revised iPad 3 Release Dates Set After iPhone 5 Launch, Says Analyst

An American analyst claims that the iPhone 5 terminal will be introduced in early September, but the first stocks will be pretty low because of the troubles caused by the lack of components, but also because of the manufacturing process of the new in-cell panels.

Reports say that Apple is interested in launching the iPhone 5 as soon as possible. The demand for the iPhone terminals is starting to lower, because the consumers are now waiting for the launch of the new Apple device. The huge success of the Samsung Galaxy S3 (10 million units were shipped so far) also affected the sales of iPhone.

As about iPad Mini, sources say that the tablet would hit the market in late September. The same American analyst reported that by the end of Q4 2012 there will be more iPad Mini units sold than iPad 3, but it seems pretty unlikely now.

It seems that synchronized with the debut of iPad Mini, Apple will also introduced a revised iPad 3 model, which will be “cooler” than the current version. It will not overheat like the new iPad does, it will have lower production costs, but the changes won’t be visible to the users. Rumor has it that the Cupertino-based company will introduce a IGZO display and that it will change the internal structure of the tablet to allow the heat dissipate faster.

In my opinion, iPhone 5 release date will not be early September, the iPad Mini won’t hit the market in late September, but sometime later this year and I strongly believe that Apple won’t launch a revised iPad 3 now. The “cooler” iPad 3 would probably be launched sometime in March 2013 when iPad 4 will be made available for purchase.

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