iPhone 5 Release Date Is Q4, Production Already Began


iPhone 5 Release Date Is Q4, Production Already Began

Fran Shammo, Chief financial officer of Verizon, US’ biggest carrier, suggested that the iPhone 5 release date was set for the fourth quarter of the year, confirming the rumors saying that the next-gen iOS smartphone will be launched in October.

Accidentally or deliberately, Verizon CFO unveiled the iPhone 5 release date during a press conference centered on the carrier’s financial results for the second quarter of 2012.

On the other hand, according to a source inside Pegatron, the company that assembles the iPhone terminals for Apple, the new iPhone 5 already entered production at one of the company’s factories based in Shanghai. Pegatron is the traditional partner of Apple, contracted for the manufacturing of iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S. It looks like the new iPhone 5 will be manufactured by the same company, but, for the time being, we are talking about a rumor that wasn’t confirmed by either Apple or Pegatron.

Today’s rumors are in opposition with last week’s gossips, saying that iPhone 5 is still on Apple’s testing table and that the terminal is one month away from the production stage.

A lot of rumors are hitting the web ahead of the Apple product releases, creating confusion among the consumers and gadget enthusiasts. The rumors are also meant to create hype helping the Cupertino-based company “advertise” their products almost for free.

Among the speculations related to the design and the performance of the upcoming Apple smartphone, the most common of them talk about a bigger display, around 4-inches (diagonally), which will not affect the thickness of the device.

According to Wall Street Journal, Apple will use the in-cell touch display technology, which combines the capacitive touch sensors layer with the LCD display, resulting in a reduced display size. The suppliers of the iPhone 5 displays will be LG, Sharp and Japan Display Co – a joint-venture sponsored by the Japanese government, teaming-up Sony, Toshiba and Hitachi.

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