Nokia Has A Surprise For September 7th, The First Lumia Windows Phone 8 Smartphone?


Nokia Has A Surprise For September 7th, The First Lumia Windows Phone 8 Smartphone?

The teasers for the upcoming Nokia products are already starting to hit the web the squares. This one is most likely centered on a new Nokia Lumia smartphone with Windows Phone 8 on board. What you are seeing in the picture above is a billboard saying that “Something amazing is coming on September 7th.”

The billboard was placed in front of a Nokia store in Helsinki and the news have rapidity made the headlines of the tech blogs.

We would only be amazed if it’s about a Nokia smartphone, with dual-core processor, HD display and running on Windows Phone 8, plus a PureView camera and, eventually, a reasonable price. You should know that Nokia World 2012 event debuts on September and the smartphone might be launched at the Finland-based event.

A second case scenario is related to the launch of a Nokia Windows 8 tablet, but the slate can’t be released until the official debut of the operating system, scheduled for October 26th.

There’s also a QR code on the aforementioned billboard that redirects you a website called Graffiti Me, where you will be able to upload a photo and transform it into a grafitti. It isn’t relevant, is it? This first teaser also comes with a promise saying that Nokia will come up with more information in the weeks to come, talking about the products they are readying for us. What do you think the next “amazing” Nokia product will be?

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