iPhone 5 Cases Leaked, Production Already Kicked Off


iPhone 5 Cases Leaked, Production Already Kicked Off

Each week brings a new series of rumors about the highly-anticipated iPhone 5. Today we are returning with fresh details and pictures about Apple’s first smartphone that features a 3.5+ inch display.

We’ve seen iPhone 5 cases leaked before, and the ones in the picture above come to confirm what we’ve already knew: Apple is readying a taller terminal that follows the design language of iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S.

The above picture actually reveales the same front iPhone 5 panel, snapsohotted on the interior and exterior. The first things that stroke me are the length of the panel, the widescreen aspect and the Facetime camera centered above the in-call speaker.

At iPhone 4S, the area above the in-call speaker is dedicated to sensors, which were now moved to the old place of the front-facing camera.

Besides the leaked iPhone 5 cases, the same Asian publication claims that trusted close to the matter told them that Foxconn already begun the production of the new Apple smartphone.

The news saying that Apple kicked off the production of the iPhone 5, come only a couple of days after some reports indicated that the new iPhone might actually be unveiled two months earlier, in August.

Rumor has it that iPhone 5 will come with a bigger display, sources saying that the size will be between 3.95 and 4.05 inches. It was also speculated that the next-gen iPhone would feature LTE support and the new iPad’s LTE-friendly A%X SoC might be perfect for this job.

Apple is usually placing the iPad’s CPU inside their new iPhones, and, after both iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S received the processor of iPad and iPad 2, respectively, the iPhone 5 might come with the new iPad’s chipset, integrated with quad-core graphics.

Since Apple launched a response to Google’s Wallet service, we are expecting the iPhone 5 to come with NFC chip, which will allow phone payments.

Anyway, since the iPhone 5 release date is approaching, you should expect several weeks of contradictory news, incredible rumors, more or less real leaks, concepts announced as real iPhones and other such “wonders” meant to create hype.

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