iPhone 5 Release Date Moved Up To August 7th Due To Samsung Galaxy S3′s Success


iPhone 5 Release Date Moved Up To August 7th Due To Samsung Galaxy S3′s Success

Apple have moved up iPhone 5 release date to August 7th, because of the Samsung Galaxy S3′s commercial windfall. Well, at least that’s what a UAE-based tech blog is claiming. The article is a couple of weeks old, but it went unnoticed so far.

Emirates247 writes that Apple have brought the iPhone 5 release date forward in an attempt to harm Samsung Galaxy S3 sales. After a Samsung official announced that the Samsung Galaxy S3 sales are expected to hit 10 million units by the end of July, the Cupertino-based company decided that it’s time to get in the race for the best smartphone much earlier.

Everyone expected the American phone maker to introduce the iPhone 5 in October, like it did in 2011 when the latest iOS-powered smartphone was officially unveiled. As you probably know, once iPhone 4S was introduced, Apple changed their iPhone launch pattern.

So far, the new iPhone models were introduced during the summer, at WWDC event. The first four iPhone generation were introduced at the notorious Apple event, but since the company centered WWDC new iOS and Mac OS X releases, their smartphone launches were rescheduled for the fall. iPhone 4S was their first phone presented in October and we all expected the phone maker giant to showcase the iPhone 5 in the same month.

Some other reports said that the iPhone 5 release date was set for September, as the iOS 6 code revealed that the Gold Master version will be launched in the first month of the fall. Apple’s mobile operating system always debuts synchronized with a new smartphone, therefore if iOS 6 have debuted in September, so would have the iPhone 5.

But now it seems that Tim Cook & CO have changed their mind and the iPhone 5 will be announced on August 7th.

The Samsung Galaxy S3 is currently seen as the best smartphone around and Apple can’t just stay and do nothing while the consumers tie themselves on two year contracts after the acquisition of the Samsung flagship device.

Fresh rumors are indicating that the South Korea-based company are planning to introduce the Galaxy Note 2 phablet on August 30th. The first-gen Note was a popular device, with sales of over 7 million units, so its successor would put some extra pressure on the iOS smartphone if it’s announced after the debut of Galaxy Note 2.

Rumor has it that the next-gen Apple smartphone will come with a slightly bigger display, and the alleged leaked iPhone 5 cases are pointing towards a 3.95 to 4.95 inch touch panel. The aforementioned cases also revealed that the iPhone 5 will be taller and thinner than its predecessor, but it will keep the same width as the last two Apple phones.

The iOS 6 presentation let us know that Apple is readying a response to Google Wallet service, therefore the new iPhone 5 might sport a NFC chip to allow phone payments.

The LTE smartphones are highly-appreciated on the markets where this standard for wireless communication of high-speed data for mobile phones is available, so Apple can’t miss the chance to introduce a 4G device.

But a LTE smartphone needs a LTE-friendly SoC. It was reported that iPhone will have a brand new A6 CPU, but Apple’s previous product releases teach us something else. Apple’s habit is to fit the iPad chipset inside their new iPhones. After iPhone 4 was introduced with iPad’s single-core A4 processor, the iPhone 4S borrowed the iPad 2′s dual-core A5 chipset, it’s of common sense to think that the iPhone 5 might come with the dual-core LTE-friendly A5X SoC introduced along with the new iPad.

The leaked cases also revealed a bigger hole for the camera unit. Even though it’s quite unlikely to see a 12 megapixel camera inside the iPhone 5, the new device might come with an improved image chip.

It was also spotted that Apple have re-located the 3.5 mm jack to the bottom of the device and that iPhone 5 will feature a smaller 19-pin dock connector.

Do you think that Apple is so afraid of Samsung that it moved up the iPhone 5 release date two months? What is the Cupertino-based company preparing for us? The comments section below is all yours.

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