Samsung Reportedly Working On A Windows RT Tablet


Samsung Reportedly Working On A Windows RT Tablet

Last month in Los Angeles, Microsoft unveiled their own-branded Windows 8 tablets, the Surface line-up: a Windows 8 RT and a Windows 8 Pro tablet. The Cupertino-based company have announced that more tablets running on their operating system will soon hit the market, developed by the companies they teamed-up with.

It seems that Samsung is one of them, a company that already competes on many market segments. The South Korea-based company is also involved in some lawsuit battles against Apple, they are struggling to increase their tablet market share and make their Samsung Galaxy S3 the best-selling Android smartphone yet.

Anyway, rumor has it that Samsung is also working on a Windows 8 RT tablet. After a lot of companies already announced they will develop devices running on Microsoft’s operating system, we are expecting an avalanche of Windows 8-powered tablets and laptops to hit the market in the fall, after the Redmond-based company officially launches their new OS.

The first details related to the launch of the Samsung Windows 8 RT tablet are talking about a Qualcomm Snapdragon chipset. It seems that the Windows 8 slate will hit the market sometime in October.

We’d don’t know yet any additional details about the name of the tablet, price, release date or technical specifications, but we promise to return with more information as soon at it is made available.

Anyway, we are definitely eager to see what the South Korea-based company is readying for the fall. What’s even more interesting is that the rumors about an Windows 8-based Samsung tablet have surfaced a little but later, as companies like HP and Fujitsu already announced their own tablets based on Microsoft’s operating system.

Anyway the Surface tablets have set a standard for the other devices running on Windows RT and Windows 8 Pro, therefore the OEMs will have to try and do their best to deliver better products than Microsoft.

Another problem of the Windows RT tablet seems to be the price, as the OEMs have complained that the Redmond-based company is charging too much for the Windows licenses. Therefore launching Windows 8 tablets at a competitive price will become a real challeng for the manufacturers.

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