Mteroon Theme Brings Windows 8 UI On Your iPhone


Mteroon Theme Brings Windows 8 UI On Your iPhone

A theme that you can purchase for as much as $1.5, called Metroom, brings the already popular Windows 8 UI, allowing you to experiment the Metro interface on your iPhone or iPod Touch.

The Metroon app, available for any iPhone or iPod that was previously jailbroken, is now available in Cydia and works like any theme, therefore you can activate or deactivate it at your free will. Even though Metroon requires jailbreak, reason why many of the iPhone users will never use it, the application is very easy to install.

It needs another app, Dreamboard, in order to run at its full capacity, but as soon as you install it you will be pleasantly surprised.

First of all, Metroon is not affecting the performance of your iPhone and it comes with everything you need to get close to the experience of Microsoft’s mobile operating system. Then there comes a lock screen with notifications, watch and music controls, you can swipe up to unlock your device.

Almost all the apps can be associated to tiles and pined to the “start screen” then change the size and reposition the aforementioned icons. With a simple tap on a specific tile you can return to the classic iOS user interface, then by swiping left from the right edge of the display you can return to the Metroon theme.

I got my hands on the Metroon Theme myself and I have to mention that the developer payed a lot of attention to the details, and, probably, the efforts behind the theme are to match. Even though it’s hard to tell whether it’s worth one and a hallf bucks, if you reduce the whole usage to a show off in front of your friends, then $1.5 is definitely a price to pay.

The video below will tell you more about how Metroon Theme will work on your iPhone.

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